Zoom.us Meeting Mute State Displayed within your menu bar (where it should be)

Zoom.us Meeting Mute State Displayed within your menu bar (where it should be)

Display useful information in your menubar

To achieve this we will use an app called SwiftBar
Homepage: https://swiftbar.app
GitHub homepage: https://github.com/swiftbar/SwiftBar

  1. Download latest version: https://github.com/swiftbar/SwiftBar/releases/latest
  2. Choose your desired plugins folder location
  3. Download the Zoom.us meeting status scripts from GitHub

    direct download link:
  4. Place the downloaded plugins into the freshly selected plugins folder
  5. You will no-doubt need to do battle with macOS permissions, accessibility will need to be granted to both SwiftBar and sh.
  6. Once permissions are correctly configured, launch Zoom, start a meeting and test the information output to your menubar.


If you are reading this blog article then it is likely that you spend a reasonable percentage of your working day engaged in web meetings. If, like me, you are constantly checking and re-checking your meeting status ‘mic state’, am I muted, is my video on, am I still sharing my screen?

Despite Zoom offering a menubar icon, the Zoom app does not display anything useful up there in the menu bar.

Historically, I have used an app called TextBar to place entirely customisable information into my menubar, recently I discovered SwiftBar, which by all appearances is young, fresh and under active development. As I write this, the most recent release was 11 hours ago.


  • The present solution for whacking the mute status into your menu bar is slightly awkward, relying on AppleScript to inspect the available menubar drop down items.
  • The AppleScript was not authored by me, I stole a lot of it and switched up bits here and there.
  • There is much room for improvement in the code, I have published my plugins on GitHub it is my hope that people out there on the internet will fork the repository, make edits and pull requests to merge their improvements back into the repository.