Multiple Image import into Airtable

Multiple Image import into Airtable

Step-by-step guide to batch import multiple images into Airtable.

You would be correct in thinking that this should be easy... and it is, but it takes a couple of not immediately obvious steps.

Create a new record for each image

I am assuming you have a folder with several image files. The naming of these files is not critical to the import, but important to know that the newly created records will take on the image file name.

1. Create a new Base (blank)
2. Create an attachment field
4. Click on "Customize Cards" at the top of the view
5. In the Image Field, select the attachment field

This step is critical!
Depending on the steps you take to reach this point, the image field may not automatically be set to the attachment field, if not, drag and dropping the images will not have the desired effect.

6. Drag and drop your images on to the + symbol (bottom right)
7. Select Create 'new records'
8. Sort it out

At this point, you probably have 3x empty records, delete them.
The newly created records will take on the image file name.

Adding images to existing Airtable records

From within the grid view, it is easy to copy / paste cells containing images between tables.

If you have existing records that you wish to add the images to, sort the existing records by whichever field is appropriate, if you have records which do not warrant an associated picture, you should get them out of the way with a secondary sort. From here you can now select, copy and paste the "cells" containing images from one table to another, admittedly we are relying on the sequence order to correctly align image to record.

Source where I discovered the important "Image Field":

Bulk import images and create multiple entries
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