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If asked… I would describe myself as having a relatively wide and varied career path to date, ranging from theatre technician, film crew, silviculture; I have worked as a tree planter, mountain pine beetle surveyor and forest firefighter in both British Columbia and Alberta. During my second year in Canada, I worked for a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) in Northern BC, where I travelled to work on a quad bike or a snowmobile depending on the season, climb communication towers surrounded by the wilderness of British Columbia. I was primarily working with point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radio links and it was there that the "Wi-Fi career" began, assisted by the structure of CWNP certifications.

I returned to the UK and spent 4 years specialising in WLAN design and working towards becoming a Wireless Networking Professional. This led to an opportunity for me to join the team behind the Wi-Fi survey tool I enjoyed using, Ekahau Pro.

During my time at Ekahau, I developed my webinar hosting, public presentation and product development skillsets.

Post Ekahau I developed and produced an Advanced 4-day training course for Ekahau, briefly went independent as a Wi-Fi consultant with BadgerWiFi. The training theme continued with 18 months as a Technical Trainer with OOKLA.

Skip to the end... and I have landed on my two feet back in the world of Wi-Fi, and I am excited to be returning to the technical aspect of Wi-Fi, as a Wireless Network Engineer for Aruba within the Professional Services department - High Touch Services.

When not playing with Wi-Fi I enjoy outdoor sports such as cross country mountain biking, skiing (though not in the UK) and paddle-boarding on rivers and the ocean. Given that my career path has led to working with computers, it has become necessary for me to find some kind of dedicated physical activity, this has led me to CrossFit, which has become a regular staple in my life.

Nick Turner
Wi-Fi Engineer
HPE Aruba