tvOS 17 TV volume adjustment via HDMI

tvOS 17 TV volume adjustment via HDMI

Many moons ago, I wrote a blog article bemoaning the fact that I could not control the volume of my television from the Apple TV.

Important distinction between the Apple TV remote and Apple TV unit. I always have my phone on me, I rarely have the Apple TV remote within arms reach, nor do I want it floating freely around the living room.

I’m delighted to share that tvOS 17 introduced new HDMI volume control functionality, which has enabled me to change the volume of “my TV” via the HDMI connection between Apple TV and TV. The Remote app on iOS now serves up the ability to change the volume with the volume rocker of the iPhone.

SONY TV volume changes with iPhone volume rocker

Let’s focus on this for a moment, the ability to control the TV state, volume and content entirely from the Apple TV and therefore the iPhone is an excellent example of the user experience I favour Apple for delivering.

I appreciate having the ability to control practically every aspect of my immediate environment from a single device and not needing an additional object. In fact, I may go ahead and hide the Apple TV remote away in a drawer.