ScreenRig for the LG UltraFine 5K Display

Long story short

I needed to mount a "DSLR"* camera above my LG 5K UltraFine Monitor. The "DSLR"* camera will act as a high-quality webcam and is correctly positioned for the creation of video training material and joining Zoom calls.

If you own an LG UltraFine monitor and have a need for a product solution like this, I would very much like to hear from you. In fact, if you require a product like this but have a different monitor, I would still like to hear from you, maybe we can work together to alter the design to work with your monitor?

Pictures to pique your interest!

LG UltraFine 5K Display with ScreenRig & DSLR.png

Long Story Long: Scenario

I needed to use a DSLR camera attached to my laptop to record high-quality video training material. The most simple solution is probably a tripod that sits on the desk, but I am adverse to adding additional visible "things" to my desk... And ‘simple solutions’.


I started thinking up different ways I could fix the camera into my desired position, floating above the screen.

My initial design made use of a monopole, that was braced to the vertical portion of the LG monitor (this can be seen in the image below). Dimensions measured with digital callipers, modelled the brackets in Fusion 360 and printed by the Prusa Mini.

This solution did 'work' as in, it successfully positioned my camera above my monitor, with virtually no infrastructure visible, however, light from the LED light strip was able to enter the lens of the camera at an acute angle and this created a 'misty' quality to the image received by the sensor. This was not acceptable, the camera needed to be brought forward!

After a few design iterations I settled on a "system" of rails to be mounted at the rear of the monitor, the idea being that it should be modular in its design, allowing me to attach additional mounts in the future should I wish to suspend and hide more objects behind the monitor screen such as an HDMI capture card.

Here I share with you the final ‘product’ the solution I have been rocking for the past few months.

All of the modelling was performed in Fusion 360, the orange parts were printed by the Prusa Mini and the camera rails (rods) came from Amazon.

This item is now 'available' via

*My Sony a6400 is not a 'DSLR', it is actually mirrorless. But I felt that DSLR read better in the body of the article.