Prevent that pop-up toolbar from popping in Google Slides

I using Google Slides as my presentation tool of choice! Mostly for reasons related to the full screen application behaviour, however at the time of writing, I am using Google Slides in "windowed" mode during the creation of training videos.

The pop-up toolbar in the lower left-hand corner was starting to make my life a misery...

In this video I demonstrate a method to prevent it from appearing!

What's the big deal here? Why do you care?

During a live presentation, the pop-up toolbar is a minor annoyance in my opinion. However whack that into a recorded presentation and now it is a major issue!

With the use of URL parameters it is possible to drop Google Slides into alternative presentation modes, which I find to be extremely useful!

Don't want to watch the video?

Start your Google Slides presentation in windowed mode, in the address bar, exchange the last section of the url



And you are away!

Original article that led me to this discovery: