HotelRoom: iOS App debut

I have written an iOS app. It is very simple, solving a simple problem I encountered when travelling for work, changing hotels multiple times during a single business trip.

When staying in a hotel with a keycard, I prefer not to carry the cardboard slip around with me. I get into the room and usually toss the cardboard slip away, as a result of this sometimes I am uncertain about the exact number of my room.

...Yes, yes I know there are plenty of apps that let you store these types of notes. Yes, there are even plenty of apps with widgets that let you store the notes within the "Today View".

None of them operated exactly the way I wanted...

So I wrote one that does.

HotelRoom will store a single string of numbers and/or text, the widget lives in the "Today View" and displays the string quickly and easily, without the need to unlock the iPhone.

Please leave an App Store review if you find the app to be useful.


Update 2020-05-18

After 1 year HotelRoom had pleased and changed the lives of literally 10s of people! Sadly the optional £1 "Tip the Developer" in-app purchase revenue stream failed to cover the £80 per year Apple developer account fee, so HotelRoom was withdrawn from the Apple App Store.

In 2020 I teamed up with a very good friend of mine James Read to form a mini company "TREAD"! I am happy and proud to announce that HotelRoom has been given a little touch-up and tidying in the code department and has now made it's triumphant way back onto the Apple App Store.

Get it here: