Hidden Node Podcast


In late 2019, Joel Crane @Potato_Fi and I decided to start recording a podcast.


Hidden Node Podcast, two guys talking tech, 3D printing, prototyping, soldering, fintech, Wi-Fi, almost anything goes.

Listen to an episode, or... grab the link to your preferred Podcast app from:


The Waffle-tastic long Version

Joel and I found that we were talking on a semi-regular basis, our discussions were mostly work related, (at the time we both worked for the same company)! Even when only one of us worked there, the communication did not really tail off.

Why not make it a regular call? We thought to ourselves?

It seemed like we had plenty of things to talk about! Some Wi-Fi related, some non-Wi-Fi, but generally speaking tech related topics in one way or another.

What if?

Our conversation turned out to be remotely interesting to other people? As an experiment we tried recording a few conversations.

So far, episodes 1-6 have been Joel and myself having a conversation. Episode 007 was an interview with Dan Jones (@DanJonesUK).

We are still in the "What if?" stage of this project. An experiment to see if we have what it takes to maintain this podcast beyond 25 or 50 episodes. An experiment to see if this can progress beyond a "hobby" that costs money into a self-sustaining project. An experiment to see if the conversational style of our podcast which is not "educational" can maintain the interest of our listeners medium to long-term?

So far it has been a lot of fun figuring out our recording setups, the hardware, the software, the environment in which we record, how and where we host the podcast. I am enjoying the iterative nature of the process and continual tweaks trying to improve the experience not only for us, any guests we have on the podcast, but mostly for those of you willing and interested to listen to us!