Configure Global Finder View Settings

Configure Global Finder View Settings

You had a rush of blood to the head, you edited (messed around with) the Finder view settings. You think you like the changes you made, but! horror of horrors when you open your next new Finder window, the changes are gone? Only when you return to that specific folder do you see the hashed up setting changes you made.

No Problem!

You decide that you want to apply your mangled settings across all folders and fresh Finder windows you open in the future!

Step 1 - Wipe out any saved view configurations

Finder stores specific folder view configurations inside those .DS_Store files, you occasionally find and delete.

We need to delete them all!

sudo find / -name .DS_Store -delete; killall Finder
This searches your mac of all .DS_Store files and deletes them

Step 2 - Configure a singular Finder window with your mangled desired 'view preferences'

Go into View Settings, do your worst, once satisfied, click the button
Use as defaults

Your newly configured view should then be applied globally across all future Finder windows.

Credit to the article that I stole this procedure from:

How to Set the Default View Options for All Finder Windows in macOS
If every finder window is opening up with a different set of view options (that is icons, list, columns or Cover Flow), there’s a way to quickly remedy this.