Floor Plan Numbering Structure

Personally, I like to think of the Ground floor, the floor I enter the building on as "00". Now we have a point of reference, the floor above "01" and the floor below "-1".

  • 03 Third
  • 02 Second
  • 01 First
  • 00 Ground <-- Enter the building on this floor
  • -1 Lower Ground
  • -2 Basement
  • -3 Sub Basement

Mezzanine floors may be assigned a "xx.5" numerical value.

  • 02 Second
  • 01.5 First Floor Mezzanine
  • 01 First
  • 00.5 Mezzanne
  • 00 Ground
  • -1 Lower Ground

Whilst floor plans with these file names these do not display "exactly" as I would like when viewed via Finder or Windows Explorer, this does make things a little more efficient than First, Second, Third etc.


Out of the box, Finder displays these in an acceptable order, although "-2 Basement" will get placed below "-1 Lower Ground", this I can cope with.

Windows Explorer on the other hand, performs a little less than stellar, placing "-1 Lower Ground" below "01.5 First Floor Mezzanine"
Ekahau appears to match the OSX Finder ‘order’ of the file/floor names