AP Nomenclature during WiFi design

Get it ‘right’ from the start

During the initial WiFi design phase, it is important to use an efficient AP naming convention.

In large WiFi deployments, the initial AP names are often relevant only during the design, reporting and installation phases. In my experience working with VARs, once the WLAN is installed and operational it becomes efficient to rename the APs in accordance with a nomenclature that is meaningful to the people who will support that infrastructure.

The naming convention I use when placing APs during WiFi design varies depending on the nature and scale of the building in question. Smaller buildings requiring few APs or spanning only a single floor, I find it efficient to use a very simple two-digit naming convention in the format APYY.

Where YY denotes the AP number within the context of the Building as a whole

  • AP01, AP02, AP03…

Buildings with more than 9 floors above or below ground may necessitate two digits to define the floor, resulting in a four-digit naming convention in the format APXXYY.

Where XX denotes the floor

  • 00 Ground, 01 First, 02 Second, -1 Lower Ground, -2 Basement

Where YY denotes the AP reference within the context of the floor

APs on the Ground Floor:

  • AP0001, AP0002, AP0003…

APs on the First Floor:

  • AP0101, AP0102, AP0103…

APs on the Second Floor:

  • AP0201, AP0202, AP0203…

APs on the Lower Ground Floor:

  • AP-101, AP-102, AP-103…

You may think to yourself "why not use the four-digit nomenclature by default?"

  • I regularly come into contact with buildings with fewer than 9 floors
  • Also, AP0101 or AP0201 do not roll off the tongue as easily as AP101 or AP201.

All this being said, providing the nomenclature can be understood by you initially (and subsequently by somebody else) it does not make a huge difference how you name the APs during the design phase, provided it works for you.

If you have any thoughts or would like to share an AP naming structure you use please whack it in the comments section or share via Twitter @nickjvturner