WLAN Pi R4 Assembly Guide

WLAN Pi R4 Assembly Guide
Waveshare Aluminium Case Parts Checklist
  • Raspberry Pi 4 (2GB RAM+)

Step 1 - Thermal Tape

  • Affix the 'thick' thermal tape strip to the backside of the Raspberry Pi
  • Cut the 'thin' thermal tape strip in half
  • Affix the 2x halves to the Raspberry Pi CPU and RAM module

Step 2 - Insert Raspberry Pi

  • Fit the Raspberry Pi into the bottom case half
  • Fix in place with the 4x copper standoffs
  • Insert the acrylic side panel

Step 3 - Enclose Raspberry Pi

  • Enclose the Raspberry Pi with the top case half
  • Consider NOT using the lower right case screw!
    This is up to you, but you may find disassembly easier if you skip inserting this case screw

Step 4 - Shim

  • Place the Shim onto the Waveshare case
  • Shim pegs pointing upwards

Step 5 - Waveshare UI

  • Locate Waveshare UI Board, Shim pegs go through the corner holes
  • Press down to secure into the Raspberry Pi 4 header pins
  • Waveshare UI board should sit flat resting on the shim

Step 6 - Vanity Plate

  • Ensure flexi-filament button caps are in-place
  • Joystick cap can be applied whenever you wish
  • Align vanity plate and push down to secure onto the pegs of the shim

Step 7 - Interior Support

  • Slot the interior support in-between the Raspberry Pi 4 IO ports and Waveshare UI board

Step 8 - Silver Pozi Countersunk Machine Screws

  • Insert, push and then tighten the 3x M2.5 x 14 mm Pozi Countersunk Machine Screws
  • These 3x screws hold the case closed and fix the internal support in place

Step 9 - Fascia

  • Slide /  push fit the Fascia into place
  • Watch out for the joystick cap, if already attached

Step 10 - Black Countersunk Machine Screws

  • Align, push and drive the M3 x 4 mm Pozi countersunk machine screws through the Fascia into the internal support
  • This step will 'tap' the thread into the internal support, it will require a little more force than the previous step


What Next?

  • In order to use the freshly assembled unit as a ‘WLAN Pi’ you will require
  • SD card (32 GB or larger) flashed with WLAN Pi OS


  • Raspberry Pi 4 with 2GB RAM and up is recommended!
  • USB Wi-Fi Dongle (CF-951AX currently recommended)


The WLAN Pi R4 can be made upgraded into a portable unit with the addition of:

  • Anker 521 MagSafe Battery
  • USB-C / USB-C 5 cm Ribbon Cable
  • MagSafe Sticker