Report Templates Deep Dive

Preparation and Download Class Resources

Step 1
Do you have Ekahau Pro installed?


Excellent, proceed to Step 2


Please download and install Ekahau Pro

Step 2
Do you have Microsoft Word installed?


Wonderful! proceed to Step 3


Please download and install MS Word

(No ifs, no buts, you need to have both Ekahau and Word installed and running for any of this Deep Dive to be meaningful)

Step 3
Download the Deep Dive Resources:


The file you downloaded is a .zip

unzip it

Move the folder “ERT Deep Dive Resources” onto your desktop
(This is not essential, but!! If you choose not to, YOU are now responsible for managing the locations of your files for each and every exercise!

Step 4

Finally, please stand up, turn-around and touch the ground. To clearly communicate to the Deep Dive Wrangler that you have successfully completed all the steps.

Thank you