Annotating photographs during on-site WiFi design, using Skitch for iOS

How I use Skitch to annotate photos as I take them whilst performing an on site WiFi design.
Drawing arrows and adding text to pictures within iOS in a non-destructive way.

Make Your Own Extendable Length PoE only ethernet cable

How You can make your own stretchy PoE-only ethernet cable.
This reduces ethernet cable slack during the APoS design phase.

Ekahau ESS, Windows 8.1, VMware and NIC-300 USB

I run Windows 8.1 in VMware Fusion on a MacBook Pro. Recently made the switch from AirMagnet to Ekahau ESS, I was distraught to discover that on first run after installation Ekahau ESS was not detecting my NIC-300 USB adaptor. Windows Device Manager acknowledged the adaptor, even claiming the device was working properly. The behavior … Continue reading Ekahau ESS, Windows 8.1, VMware and NIC-300 USB