How You Hang Your Hardware

Run two instances of Cisco Spectrum Expert from shortcuts, with band specific Plot configurations

You can launch a second instance of Cisco Spectrum Expert by holding down the shift key and clicking on the pinned icon. However this requires you to manually select the plot layout each time you load the software. This post details a method to have two shortcuts pinned to the start bar, one instance loads with the 2.4 GHz plot layout, the second loads with the 5 GHz plot layout.

Viewing the 5 GHz band in Cisco Spectrum Expert

In a previous article I described a method to connect Cisco Spectrum Expert to an Autonomous Access Point operating in Spectrum Mode. This article addresses how to configure Spectrum Expert to display the data, primarily wrangling the plots to display the entire 5 GHz band on one screen. On first launch Spectrum Expert looks like

Spectrum Analysis using Cisco Spectrum Expert, Autonomous AP with CleanAir

Some time ago I was asked to use Cisco Spectrum Expert to perform spectrum analysis at a customer site. The initial problem I faced was how to interface the hardware, the PCMCIA cardbus sensor would not talk to my MacBook Pro, I experimented with USB -> Express Card and then Express Card -> PCMCIA, but