Annotating photographs during on-site WiFi design, using Skitch for iOS

How I use Skitch to annotate photos as I take them whilst performing an on site WiFi design.
Drawing arrows and adding text to pictures within iOS in a non-destructive way.

Make Your Own Extendable Length PoE only ethernet cable

How You can make your own stretchy PoE-only ethernet cable.
This reduces ethernet cable slack during the APoS design phase.

Follow Up Video: Presentation of Spectrum Analysis using Cisco Spectrum Expert, Autonomous AP with CleanAir

Here is a short #WLPC_EU 2015 TenTalk presentation of how it is possible to use Cisco Spectrum Expert and a Cisco AP with CleanAir to perform Spectrum Analysis on site.

OSX 10.11.1 El Capitan, Changing the Default Mail Client

I wanted to quickly share a tweet from Tweetbot to a friend by email, I was surprised when “Apple Mail” launched and asked me to setup an email account, I do not use “Apple Mail” I was using Airmail as my primary email client at the time.

What should have been a quick change of settings turned into a 10 minute battle with El Capitan to change the default mail client!

Run two instances of Cisco Spectrum Expert from shortcuts, with band specific Plot configurations

You can launch a second instance of Cisco Spectrum Expert by holding down the shift key and clicking on the pinned icon. However this requires you to manually select the plot layout each time you load the software. This post details a method to have two shortcuts pinned to the start bar, one instance loads with the 2.4 GHz plot layout, the second loads with the 5 GHz plot layout.

Viewing the 5 GHz band in Cisco Spectrum Expert

In a previous article I described a method to connect Cisco Spectrum Expert to an Autonomous Access Point operating in Spectrum Mode. This article addresses how to configure Spectrum Expert to display the data, primarily wrangling the plots to display the entire 5 GHz band on one screen. On first launch Spectrum Expert looks like … Continue reading Viewing the 5 GHz band in Cisco Spectrum Expert