Access Point Name Broadcast: Which Wi-Fi Vendors support this?


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Here is a table (as I understand the current situation) detailing Wi-Fi Vendor support for broadcasting the AP hostname. (Last Update: 23-May-2018)

VendorAutonomous APController/Cloud/Co-operative APEnabled by DefaultCharacter LimitFlavour
ArubaYESYESNO30Advertise AP Name
CiscoYESYESYES15Aironet Extensions
AerohiveYES?YESNO32Hostname in Beacon
Extreme Networks  WiNGYESYESNO64wing-extensions
Extreme Networks IdentiFiYESYESNO32LED Identify


Aironet Extensions – A proprietary feature implemented by Cisco

Aironet Extensions make additional information about the Access Points available including but not limited to:

  • Device Name
  • Device Type
  • Radio Type – used to determine certain characteristics about the radio, such as data rate, radio type (1310, 1200, 352 or 342), security type (WEP/802.1x), etc.
  • Current Access Point load
  • Number of associated clients

Devices that are CCX compatible also can take advantage of some of the Aironet Extension features.

Additional Note:
Although Aironet Extensions is enabled by default, best practice guides suggest disabling this feature unless CCX compatible devices are on your WLAN.

(Thank you to Scott Stapleton)

Download PCAP: AP Name Cisco


Advertise AP Name

Reference Article: AirHeads Community

Thank you Jake Snyder, @jsnyder81 for assisting with the max character length.

Download PCAP: AP Name Aruba

As of Aruba Instant APs can now “advertise-ap-name”
Thank you Aaron
Tweet Proof right here

Extreme Networks

Extreme Wireless WiNG

Enables support for WiNG-specific client extensions to the IEEE 802.11x WLAN standards that potentially increase client roaming reliability and handshake speed.


Enables support for inclusion of WiNG-specific client extensions in radio transmissions

ap-attributes-information {include-hostname}

Enables support for AP attributes information element (IE)

  • include-hostname – Optional

    When enabled, includes AP’s hostname, as a sub-element, in the AP attributes IE

The AP attributes IE is vendor-specific and, when enabled, is added to beacons and probe responses. Inclusion of AP attributes IE allows Zebra terminals to:

  • Recognise ExtremeWing ( / Zebra ) APs
  • Determine if the AP supports PAN BU features, irrespective of whether these features are enabled or not.

Note: AP attributes IE is not added to beacons and probe responses by default.

Reference Material: WiNG 5.8.2 CLI Reference Guide (Page 736)

  • This functionality may be configured per WLAN policy
  • It is not necessarily configured for all APs (or all WLAN/SSIDs configured that AP)

Extreme Networks

ExtremeWireless / IdentiFi
LED: State > Identify

Reference Article: How to have an Access Point Name show up in beacons for a site survey report

Download PCAP: AP Name Extreme
Thank you to @Beamflash for sharing the PCAP



No support for AP Name Broadcast, thank you @adventureMatt


The feature came to light in May 2018, thank you Mark Elley

Download PCAP: AP Name Aerohive


Download PCAP: AP Name MikroTik


Huge thank you to Adrian Granados @adriangranados for the PCAP files!

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  4. Meraki broadcast ap name. I do not have the details how it is broadcast as I did not capture any packet


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