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Hello, my name is Nick Turner

I would describe myself as having a relatively wide and varied career path to date, ranging from Theatre Technician, Film Crew, Silviculture; I have worked as a Tree Planter, mountain pine beetle surveyor and forest fire fighter in British Columbia and Alberta. During my final year spent in Canada I worked for a WISP in the North of BC, where I went to work on a quad bike or a snowmobile depending on the season, climb communication towers surrounded by beautiful British Columbia wilderness. I was primarily dealing with point to point and point to multipoint radio links and it was there that the “Wi-Fi profession” ball began rolling, assisted greatly by the CWNP certification program.

I spent 4 years working in the UK specialising in WLAN design and gradually working towards becoming a Wireless Networking Professional.

More recently my quest for Great Wi-Fi Design has led me to join the team who are responsible for Great Wi-Fi Design Tools @Ekahau.

When I am not playing with WiFi I enjoy outdoor sports such as cross country mountain biking, skiing (though not in the UK) and paddle-boarding in the ocean and on UK rivers. International travel with work has recently sparked an interest in CrossFit.


5 thoughts on “show Nick Turner brief

  1. Hello Nick, my name is Ralf Heil and I am working in intec ( selling test equipment for all kind of customer interfaces. Our units are also used by BT e.g. for ISDN and many installers and smaller operators in UK also use Argus xDSL testers etc. We also support WiFi by means of USB sticks and we are now going more into this and thus one interesting point – for me – is spectrum analysis. We do spectrum analysis for xDSL up to 30 MHz in our testers and so I read your papers and saw your video and want to get some experience in this topic by own hands-on trials….and so I looked for a simple and affordable solution. We have here a hand-held Agilent analyser up to 8-9 GHz (?) and in the past I played with Realtek based DVB-T USB sticks that can work as analyser etc.
    Currently I try to find out to what extend WiFi chip sets might give “spectral information” beyond what standard apps can do…but chip vendors are not easy.

    Ok, back to reason for contacting you: I bought (on ebay) a Cisco Clean Air AP (3502) but when I now try to get the Cisco spectrum expert software I always end on the Cisco page saying there is no software currently available for download…. Do you have an idea, where to find the package? Do you have a copy to share? I also got into contact with Jennifer Huber who has a lot of spectrum analysis stuff on Youtube since I thought she is working for Cisco. We would be interested using the Cisco ( Cognio) SAgE ASIC in the Cisco AP. that is the spectrum analyser hardware, in our future units but her Cisco contacts are – of course – not interested..

    So far for now…would be interested in discussing the needs of basic technicians for WiFi trouble-shooting and will come back to that later ….in case you are interested …but today I try to find this Cisco Spectrum Expert software

    Kind regards



    1. Hello Ralf, I will happily share Cisco Spectrum Expert with you. Dropbox? What is your email address?


  2. rayweb

    Hey nick. I read your post on OSWP. I’m really interested in that but thought maybe to just do the OSCP. I’m new to this whole area, I’ve been doing IT support for 5 years and really wanted to get my CEH but my job isn’t in security so I don’t qualify. Any suggestions. I’m learning python and I know I have to learn Linux to be good at the exam. Any advice would be helpful, please find me on twitter @everjoulesky since I’m not always on here


    1. Hello Rayweb. OSWP is purely focussed on Wi-Fi. So if you enjoy Wi-Fi then look into it! Otherwise perhaps OSCP is more relevant.

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      1. rayweb

        that’s very helpful. Thanks so much


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