Touch Typing

It seems crazy that when I was at school, I disliked typing things out, so I wasted time trying to use dictation and bla bla bla. In 2019 the ability of the tech is now pretty good, but I still think that dictation is not the future (at least for me).

But, like it or not speaking out loud my reply to an email usually results in a very different text than if I were typing it out. Plus let’s not forget that dictation is not going to help you when you “not in a private quiet environment” like a plane or a train.

All this to say that, I did not learn to touch-type at school and I kept putting this off in the hopes that a better method would come along and permit me to simply think my characters, words and fully formed paragraphs onto the screen of my computer.

Alas I don’t think this technology is going to rescue me from needing to bite the bullet and get better at typing!

In 2019 I started playing with “KeyKey” a learn touch typing software available on SetApp for macOS. I have been practising on airplane and train journeys and the occasional 10 – 15 mins here and there while working from home. I am happy with my progress, although I have not yet reached the skill level where I can just think and my fingers go automatically to the correct keys.

Here are the 3x apps / services I have found to be the most useful:

KeyKey on macOS

Typing Tutor on iOS – iPad + Bluetooth keyboard

I am not interested in typing on a screen, but attach a keyboard to an iPad, now that is a setup that I can see “value” getting better at dealing with.

Typing Club website

Free and worth checking out!


As with more and more things, I wish I had taken them more seriously when I was younger, so that the struggle would have been 20 year-old Nick’s problem, not mine now.

May 2020 update

I would hardly describe my typing ability as “expert” but certainly improved!
I would also hardly describe myself as a “gamer”! Although I certainly enjoyed PC gaming “back-in-the-day”

I have held a fascination with combining these two time-sinks together! Gaming and improving my typing ability! The original game that tickled my interest in this direction was The Typing of the Dead: Overkill, but there was a whole issue with getting this Windows only application to run on macOS, I recently overcame this limitation, that is a whole different story about wrapping up windows applications using Wineskin Winery

But I digress, I managed to get The Typing of the Dead Overkill up and running on macOS and that was satisfying! And the end result entertained me for probably around an hour or so, the issue with this game is that it’s not exactly calming, I enjoyed blowing the zombies to pieces, but the in-game motion and tempo I did not find to be a relaxing experience. This did however re-kindle my interest in typing games, and so I went hunting for more!

I found 2x typing games that I have found to be enjoyable!

Epistory – Typing Chronicles

Epistory - Typing Chronicles for PC | Origin
Typefighters Steam Key GLOBAL - G2A.COM

I am not going to write a review, that is not the point of this blog!
Interested? There is a demo on Steam, available for Windows, macOS and SteamOS


Typefighters (Steam Edition) on Steam
Typefighters Steam Key GLOBAL - G2A.COM

The standout feature of this game in my view is the multiplayer battle element.

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  1. This was quite a fun post. Thanks!


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