Quick Reference – Git

Not intended to be a tutorial on using Git, this is simply a page of my notebook, because I keep forgetting the commands I need. This assumes you have already configured your github username and password.

Once the directory / folder you want to version control has been created:

git init

check the status of git for this folder:

git status

Once files have been created within the folder, individually add them:

git add <file>

add all files with:

git add .

Commit your changes:

git commit -m "<description of what you changed>"

Create your new repository on github, copy the url

git remote add origin <URL>

Upload / Push your files up for the first time:

git push -u origin master

From here on… we can use:
To Push:

git push

To Pull:

git pull

Finally, more documentation with these commands:

man git
man git-push
man git-pull

Made changes on target, but I wish to pull the latest and greatest from git repository, overwriting any changes made on target:

git fetch --all
git reset --hard origin/master

git fetch downloads the latest from remote without trying to merge or rebase anything
git reset – resets the master branch to whatever you just fetched.
The –hard option changes all the files in your working tree to match the files in origin/master.

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