Remote Desktop onto iOS (Almost)

Intended Audience: Anybody attempting to remotely assist an iPhone or iPad user.


Establish a remote desktop connection to a Mac

Plug the iDevice that requires remote assistance into the Mac via USB cable

Launch QuickTime Player on the Mac

Go to File > New Movie Recording


Click on the Drop-down arrow to the right of the record button


From here you may select your iDevice as a video source


You may now see screen of the iDevice and offer assistance!


Be Aware: When you mirror an iDevice in this way:
The “Carrier Name” will be hidden (if a cellular iDevice)
5 of 5 cellular signal strength dots will be displayed (regardless if cellular or not)
Time will show as 09:41
Battery charge will show 100%

This totally threw me as I was writing this post. Apparently, this is intentional? To reduce distraction when capturing iOS screencasts.


Back Story: …For My sins, I often find myself remotely supporting family members with technical queries.

With MacBook Pros, I use Apple Screen Sharing whenever possible, when this refuses to function I switch to TeamViewer. Until recently I struggled when the assistance was required on an iOS device.

While researching how to take screenshots on an Apple TV I discovered that QuickTime on macOS provided a way to share the screen of a device running iOS!

2 thoughts on “Remote Desktop onto iOS (Almost)

  1. This is really helpful. Now I can remotely assist my sister with her iPhone who stays miles away from me.


    1. I really appreciate you commenting that this was useful! 🙂


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