iPhone Tweak: Ring/Silent switch as Orientation Lock Toggle – iOS 9


How to tweak your iPhone so that the Silent/Ring switch becomes the Orientation Lock Toggle.

There are a few tweaks possible on iOS that do NOT REQUIRE JAILBREAK. Here are the three that I find useful.

  • Numeric Cellular signal strength
    • Relatively easy to achieve, laptop/iTunes not required
    • A quick Google reveals many guides on how to achieve this one
    • Business Insider UK Guide
  • Numeric WiFi signal strength
  • Ring/Silent switch as Orientation Lock Toggle
    • Discovered when Googling around for more iTunes backup tweaks
    • Via this website http://conath.me
    • How I achieved this is explained below

This DOES NOT require a jailbreak!


  • This tweak will remove the Orientation Lock Toggle from the Control Centre
01 Control Centre
The Orientation Lock Toggle is gone
  • Nota bene: You will lose the ability to toggle Ring / Silent
    • Your phone will remain in the state it was in when you made the backup
    • This has not inconvenienced me because I keep my phone on silent, relying on vibrate or other devices to alert me
  • This is demonstrated on iOS 9.3.3 (most recent at time of post)
  • Attempt this at your own risk, I am sharing what I have played with, I do not accept any responsibility if you create an iBrick

How to achieve this

  1. Set the iPhone to be Ring or silent (your choice)
  2. Plug the iPhone into your computer, launch iTunes, make a new Backup
    “Back Up Now”
  3. Download & install iBackupBot (free trial available)
  4. Launch iBackupBot
  5. Open Preferences
    • Set Restore Engine to “iTunes Restore Engine”
    • Not sure if this step is essential to the process, but this is what I did
    • iBackupBot might crash, don’t worry, simply relaunch and continue (Step 6)
  6. Select the most recent backup of the iPhone you just made
  7. Navigate to:
    • iDevice > System Files > HomeDomain > Library > Preferences
    • The .plist file we need to edit: com.apple.springboard.plist
    • Double click on this .plist file
    • You may click Cancel on the prompt to Register screen
  8. Within the plist editor
    • Insert the following lines
    •  <key>SBUseHardwareSwitchAsOrientationLock</key>

    • Once done, select the Red X
    • Exit out of iBackupBot
  9. Back in iTunes, restore the backup to the iPhone, (You will need to disable Find My iPhone if enabled, before iTunes will let you perform the backup)
  10. Once the restore is complete, you should find that the Ring/Silent switch now toggles the rotation lock

Other Keys of interest

Also stored within com.apple.springboard.plist



I discovered this tweak via this http://conath.me

Here is a Google Doc maintained by Conath, with more tweaks iOS Tweaking by iTunes backup modification

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