Annotating photographs during on-site WiFi design, using Skitch for iOS


When I began performing on-site WLAN designs, I would take a photograph of each suggested AP location with my iPhone camera as I moved through the site. I wanted to annotate the photo immediately after taking it, draw an arrow and add text.


Skitch for iOS, iTunes

When I first used Skitch on iOS I did not like the interface when taking photographs within the Skitch app and explicitly saving them to the camera roll. This can be overcome by taking the photograph using the native camera app and then annotating the pictures using the Skitch


For this demonstration I will take the photograph using the the native camera app and add my annotations using Skitch.


01 home screen   02 control centre   03 camera app

I dragged the control centre up, selected the camera app, now I am ready to take my photo.

04 the picture   05 viewing the picture, select edit

After taking the photograph, I select it from the lower left hand corner of the screen, taking me to the photo library, the most recent picture is selected.

Ok, so, nothing new so far. From viewing the photograph, select Edit

05a viewing the picture, select edit   06a_select_dot__dot__dot   07 select Skitch

Select the three dots, select Skitch. If Skitch does not appear as an option, select more and enable Skitch as a 3rd party “Photo Editor”.

08 skitch

Welcome to Skitch, bottom left represents the colour and brush width, bottom right represents the currently selected annotation tool.

09 colour and diameter   10 tools

Tapping the bottom left icon  allows you to alter the colour and the brush size, the bottom right icon allows you to change annotation tools.

11 draw an arrow   12 add some text   13 the finished product

Once you are happy, select Done in the top right.

14 saving the annotated picture   15 view the annotated picture

There we have our annotated picture. In my opinion, the best thing about annotating the picture in this way, is that the annotations are non-destructive, iOS keeps an original of the photo available. Allowing you to revert back to the original image without the flooding your camera roll with annotated and original copies of the pictures you take.

The annotations may be re-visited and edited further at a later date. To do this you need to go back to the picture > edit > edit with Skitch and the annotations can be removed altogether by reverting the picture.

16 revert to the original image   17 revert the annotations   18 back to where we started

The first iOS app I found that would allow me to annotate the pictures straight after I took them was Photogene, if you do not get on with Skitch, Photogene is worth a try.

Skitch also exists for OSX and I use both tools regularly for annotating pictures.

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