USB Dongle Clips

During #WLPC_EU 2015 I received a few comments regarding the dongle clips I use to fix WiFi dongles to my screen. Here are the juicy details.

01 laptop  02 dongles side  03 dongles behind

2x USB-300-NICs clipped onto the screen of a MacBook Pro 13″

The dongle clips I use are branded ALFA Networks and can be found on Amazon & ALFA Networks.

04 dongle on desk  05 left handed usb  06 Alfa tip

Right-Angled USB extension cable with ALFA Networks Dongle Clip

The USB cable can be removed from the cradle, allowing you to swap cables between the cradles.

07 Alfa  08 Alfa cup

Female USB removed from cradle

09 Alfa tip side  10 Alfa

In the pictures you can see a small piece of draught prevention rubber, I added this to cushion the clip against the top of the screen and to reduce wobble of the USB dongle.

I originally received one of these clips with an ALFA AWUS036h.

1 thought on “USB Dongle Clips

  1. […] Produced by ALFA Network, these inexpensive plastic clips allow you to easily clip USB type-A receptacles to your laptop screen. This method lends itself toward using an “Octopus” Hub (USB Hub with pigtails). I have had great success with this particular CSL USB 2.0 Hub. I have written about the Dongle Clips before USB Dongle Clips. […]


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